TecnoSEO for TecnoCommerce (Advanced Plan)

We improve the SEO positioning of your website on Google, through the implementation of search engine optimization techniques and strategies, a strategy known as SEO positioning. To do this, we put at your disposal TecnoSEO, the TecnoSoluciones service for optimizing the positioning of your site or web portal in search engines.

The purpose ofoptimizing results in search engines has to do with the possibility that companies, brands, products and/or services can be located efficiently and quickly by clients, or potential users, on the Internet. Among other objectives, the aim is to increase visitors and traffic to your site or web portal; optimizing the conversion rate and increasing sales.

Thanks to TecnoSEO your company, brand, product or service will be above the competition in the main search engines, thus capturing a greater number of potential customers through the keywords that are relevant to your business.

It is known as “Search Engine Positioning”, “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” or “SEO Positioning”, the use of techniques and concepts that allow a certain site or web portal to be placed, through its content pages, in a high position and category, within the results lists of the main search engines. on the Internet, for certain phrases or keywords.

The TecnoSEO – SEO Positioning service covers aspects related to organic positioning. Organic positioning (SEO Positioning) refers to techniques to achieve better positions in natural search results for keywords, without requiring payment to search engines and/or directories.


Concepto Normal Oferta
Precio Mensual: USD 1.057,00 USD 846,00
Configuración Inicial: USD 800,00 USD 640,00
Depósito (1 mes): USD 1.057,00 USD 846,00
Total Pago al Inicio: USD 2.914,00 USD 2.332,00

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